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Hand Operated Anola Seed Remover

1. Function   To remove seeds from anola
2. Specification
(i) Type   Hand operated
(ii) Power required     One male/female
(ii) Capacity      20 kg/hr (or) 530 fruits / hr
3. General Information   This cleaner cum grader consists of a rotor provided with three numbers of sieves and the sieves can be changed according to the crop to be cleaned and graded. A handle is provided to operate the rotor at 15 to 30 rpm speed. For easy conveying of the material, a screw auger is provided inside the rotor. Below each sieve, outlet is provided to collect the graded output. 
4. Cost of the unit (Approximate)   Rs.1600/-
5. Cost of operation   Rs.10/hr
6. Sailent Features  
  • The seed remover is simple and easy to handle
  • Deseeded fruits with punch hole increases the osmosis of syrup
  • Mechanical pulping of fresh aonla is feasible without seeds
  • Saving in cost: 90%

Updated on: Nov 2015
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