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Chilli Seed Extractor

1. Function   To extract seeds from dried chilli.
2. Specification
(i) Overall dimension
(L x B x H, mm)
  925 x 630 x 1040
(ii) Capacity   4 quintals/ day
(ii) Power required     0.5 hp electric motor
3. General Information   It consists of a hopper, extraction chamber; rotating beater assembly on bearings with suitable drive connects.  The dried chilly fruits are macerated into small pieces without cell rupture and thereby the seeds are separated from the unit.
4. Cost of the unit (Approximate)   Rs.22, 500/-
5. Cost of operation   Rs.6/h
6. Sailent Features  
  • Continuous type.
  • Minimal scorching and pungent smell to labourers.
  • Separated chilli can be ground and suitable for food purpose.
Updated on: Nov, 2015


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