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Dhal Mill cum Wet Grinder

1. Function                              : Wet grinding, splitting of pulses into dhal and dry grinding.

2. Specification                      :
   (a) Overall dimension       : 760 x 425 x 880
          (L x B x H, mm)
   (b) Capacity                         : 2 kg of dry grinding /h; 2 -3 kg of wet material/ h

    (c) Power required            : 1 hp electric motor

3. General Information       

The unit comprises of two components.  One dhal milling unit and the other wet grinder unit.  Both the equipments are mounted over a laminated wooden box and each can be operated separately by a dog clutch mechanism.
4. Cost of the unit (approx)  : Rs.18, 000/-

5. Cost of operation              : Rs.5/h

6. Salient features

  •  Suitable for splitting of pulses and grinding all kinds of cereals and pulses.
  • Also suitable for wet grinding of cereals and pulses.
  • With a single prime mover any one can be operated using a clutch
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