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Improved Four Roller Sugarcane Crusher

1. Function   To extract the juice by crushing sugarcane.
2. Specification
(i) Overall dimension
(L x B x H, mm)
  1210 x 510 x 1100
(ii) Capacity   250 kg/h
(ii) Power required     7.5 hp electric motor
3. General Information   There are four rollers provided in this crusher compared to the three rollers in the conventional crushers.   Through the shafts and gear wheels,  power is transmitted to the  rollers  and extract the juice by crushing the cane. 
4. Cost of the unit (Approximate)   Rs.75,000/-
5. Cost of operation   Rs.15/h
6. Sailent Features  
  • Four roller horizontal crusher.
  • 60 – 70% of the available juice can be extracted.
  • 8-10% additional juice is recovered than the conventional crushers.
Updated on: Nov 2015
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