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Tomato Seed Extractor
Tomato Seed Extractor
1. Function   To extract seed from tomato fruits
2. Specification
(i) Overall dimension
(L x B x H, mm)
  500 x 450 x 1000
(ii) Capacity   1 hp for electric motor and 0.5 hp for pump
(ii) Power required     1 hp electric motor
3. General Information   The unit consists of a feed hopper, fruit crushing chamber, seed separation unit, water recycling system and seed collecting trough.    In the crushing chamber the tomato fruits are crushed and squeezed by the rotating screw auger. In the seed separation unit, water separates the seed from the flesh and collected in a container placed at the bottom of seed separation unit. The water collected in the trough is recycled by means of a pump.  The flesh coming out of the seed separation unit is collected separately
4. Cost of the unit (Approximate)   Rs. 22,500
5. Cost of operation   Rs.  10  per hour
6. Sailent Features  
  • Seed extraction is faster compared to the manual method
  • Less water requirement (3 litre per minute)
Updated on: March, 2015
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