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Naveen Dibbler




For sowing of bold seeds such as peas and also for gap filling in rows




i) Type


Manually operated

ii) Weight (kg)


iii) Capacity (hills/ h)

300- 400


General Information


The automatic dibbler is manually operated hand tool which consists of a seed hopper, cell type roller for metering of seeds, spring actuated jaws for penetration in the soil, pipe and handle .All the parts are made from mild steel except seed roller, which is fabricated from good quality wood. For its operation, the dibbler is held in both hands and jaws are pushed into the soil to the desired depth at an angle of 20 degrees with vertical. The dibbler is given a jerk at the handle in the forward direction, which rotates the roller in seed hopper and releases one or two seeds depending upon the size of cell. At this moment the jaws also open and allow the seed to fall in the cavity created by the jaws. The dibbler is raised and moved to the next position of sowing. Upon raising of the dibbler the roller returns to original position and jaws also close.

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