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Scientists involved:     Dr.V. Balakrishnan

Product Technology

An alternative to animal experiments in animal nutrition research have developed indigenously. The technique is called as RUSITEC (Rumen simulation technique) that can replace cattle used in experiments. Since it was developed at Tamil Nadu Veterinary and Animal Sciences University, it is named as TANUVAS – RUSITEC.

Product Presentation 
TANUVAS – RUSITEC consist of Water bath, Reaction vessel, Perforated cage, Effluent bottle, Gas bag, Saliva tank, Peristaltic pump, Water heater, Control panel.


Product Utility    

TANUVAS - RUSITEC is basically an in vitro semi continuous culture system. It simulates heterogeneous rumen under simplified conditions. The apparatus is designed to run continuously and gives the operator maximum control. The inputs as well as the outputs including the gases can be determined using it. Accurately weighed 10 g of feed / fodder to be tested for their nutritive value is placed in the perforated cage along with the inoculum (microbes) from the donor animal (input) in the reaction vessel. The researcher regulates the flow rate of saliva according to the physiological status of the cattle. The amount of solid material that leaves the vessels each day is known as it is taken out manually. The output or the end product of fermentation (VFA, methane and CO2) can be determined from the effluent. The complete unit has eight reaction vessels, each representing a cow. Thus TANUVAS – RUSITEC is sufficient enough to conduct a valid number of replication to derive meaningful conclusion in research work. High end research for indepth study on intricate aspect of nutrients can be studied through this instrument.

TANUVAS – RUSITEC has the following advanced features:

  1. The water bath temperature is controlled effectively through electronic device with allowance to fluctuate only ± 0.5C
  2. Provision to circulate the water in the water bath through heating coil with a automatic cut off, in the event of low level of water. This provision is very handy to prevent electrical short circuit
  3. Beep indicator alerts the declining level of water
  4. Peristaltic pump capable of delivering 8 outputs simultaneously through electronically controlled device to facilitate 8 different saliva flow rate. Thus feed/ fodder could be simultaneously evaluated for 8 different physiological statuses with same culture
  5. Toggle fasteners to secure reaction vessel facilitate easy operation by girls independently
  6. Compact and occupies less desk space

TANUVAS - RUSITEC would cater the needs of research laboratories involved in conducting nutritional research in ruminants, Pharmaceutical companies engaged in research and development, Analytical laboratories attached to feed industry.


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