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Oral Pellet Vaccine for Newcastle Disease

Scientists involved:       Dr.J.John Kirupakaran and Dr.K.S.Palaniswami

Product Technology : Lactose pellet technology using thermostabilised Newcastle disease virus passaged in embryonated eggs.

Product Presentation : Vaccine granules in 10 and 20 doses.

Product Utility 

This vaccine contains live D58 isolate of Newcastle disease virus in pellets made up of lactose, starch and amaranthus dye. It can be used for prophylactic vaccination against Newcastle disease. This vaccine is mainly meant for village chickens, which act as source of virus spread to commercial poultry.

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Department of Microbiology,
Madras Veterinary College, 
Chennai – 600 007

Source : TANUVAS, Chennai.

Updated on Dec 2014


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