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Bt cotton is the first crop to be approved for commercial cultivation in India. The Bt cotton (Bollgard) was approved by the Government of India in 2002.  The area has steadily increased over the last six year and occupies more than 75% of the cotton growing areas.  With the adoption of Bt cotton, the production has risen from an average 150 lakh bales in 2002 to 270 lakh bales in 2007. The yield has also shot up from 300 kg per hectare to 500 kg.  As a result India has become the number two cotton producer in the world.

Area of Bt cotton in India

Year Area (000 ha)
2002 50
2003 100
2004 500
2005 1,300
2006 3,800
2007 6,200

seed Certification_Fees

Approved Bt cotton events

  1. Bollgard I cotton Hybrids (Cotton Event 531-cry1Ac) - Mahyco Monsanto Biotech (India) Ltd
  2. Bollgard II - Monsanto Event MON 15985 - cryX (cry1Ac and cry2Ab)
  3. IIT – Kharagpur - cry1Ac gene gene (JK Agri Genetics Ltd.)
  4. Chinese Bt-cotton - fusion cry1Ac/cry1Ab Bt gene  (Nath Seeds)


Table: Approved GM crops Field trials during 2008

Crop Altered trait Gene Organization
Brinjal Insect resistance cry1Ac Mahyco, TNAU, UAS
Rice Insect resistance cry1Ac Mahyco
    cry1Ab, cry1Ac Bayer
Cotton Insect resistance cry1Ac& cry1F Dow AgroSciences
  Insect resistance cry1Ac and cry1EC JK Agrigenetics Ltd.
  Insect resistance and Herbicide tolerance cry1Ac & cry2Ab and CP4EPSPS Mahyco
  Insect resistance cry1C Metahelix
  Insect resistance cry1Ac CICR
Okra Insect resistance cry1Ac Mahyco
Tomato Increased lycopene unedited NAD9 Avesthagen

(IGMORIS, 2008)

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