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Hairy caterpillars: Euproctis fraterna

Symptoms of damage:

  • Cause - defoliation 

Identification of the pest:

Euproctis fraterna:

  • Larva: Reddish brown hairy caterpillar, head red in colour surrounded by white hairs. Abdomen has tufts of hairs all over the body and a long pre anal tuft.
  • Adult: yellow moth with pale transverse lines and black spots on the forewing

Porthesia scintillans:

  • Larva: Larva has yellowish brown head with middle red and lateral yellowish stripes on the body. There are tufts of black hairs on the segments between the true legs and prolegs.
  • Adult: Small, yellow moth with reddish tinge and two lighter lines and spots on the border.  

Dasychira mendosa:

  • Larva: Greyish brown with dark prothoracic and pre-anal tufts, Prolegs crimson coloured
  • Adult: Bigger, yellowish brown moth with bulged abdomen.  


  • To control early stage larvae, spray neem seed kernel extract (NSKE) 5% or spray chlorpyriphos 2.5 ml quinolphos 2ml or neem oil 5ml/ litre of water

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