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Crop Protection :: Coffee
Green scale: Coccus viridis (Green)
  • The green scale is a serious sucking pest of coffee, particularly Arabica.

Symptoms of attack and nature of damage

  • Nymphs and adults sucks sap from undersurface of the leaves, green shoots, spikes and berries.
  • Upward curling and tender twigs drop
  • Honeydew excrete – development of sooty mould fungus
  • Heavy loss of the sap causes debility or even death of the plant.
Identification of the pest
  • Ants movement
  • Nymphs – pale yellow colour
  • Adult - flat, oval, light green, blackish spots on dorsum
Green scales on coffee fruits and leaves
  • Control ants as in the case of mealy bugs.
  • Remove and burn weeds which harbour the scale.
  • Spray the affected patches quinolphos 25 EC @ 120 ml using a gator sprayer in 200 l of water and add 200 ml of any agricultural wetting agent in 200 l of the spray solution.

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