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Crop Protection :: Pests of Sapota

Hairy caterpillar: Metanastria hytaca 

Symptoms of damage
  • Caterpillars feed on leaves
  • Defoliation
Identification of pest
  • Larva - yellowish brown with black spots and long lateral tufts of hairs
  • Adults: Grayish head and thorax and whitish abdomen.
  • Forewings are reddish brown spot ringed with white
  • Hind wings are white.
Symptom Larva Adult
  • Field sanitation
  • Free from weeds and debris
  • Collect and destroy the egg mass
  • Burning the groups of larvae found on tree trunks with torches.
  • Spray chlorpyriphos 20EC or phosalone 2 ml/l
  • Dusting carbaryl 10 D on the trunk and branches (around the tree 4 feet)
  • Field release of chalcidid wasp, Brachymeria sp.

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