Nursery Technologies

Acacia concinna



Common/Tamil Name



Other Uses

Pods are used for making shampoo

Seed Collection time

January to March

No. of Seeds per kg

3500 to 4000/Kg


about one year

Germination percentage


Seed Treatment

Seeds removed from pods are dried up and soaked in cold water.

Nursery Technique

Treated seeds may be sown in mother bed and the seedlings may be transplanted in polypot. Alternately, seeds can be sown directly in polypot. 4 month older plants in 13 x 25 cm size can be planted in the field. It grows more than 8' height in 4 to 6 months in 30 x 45 cm and 35 x 50 cm size bags. But transport to the field is difficult.


Tropical- sub-tropical


400 - 1500 Mts.


1500 - 2000mm. It occurs in stream banks of less rainfall areas also.


Loam, Clayey loam.

Coppicing ability

In the first few year good coppicer.

Pest & Disease

Nymphs & Adults of Icerya, Anomalacoccus & Oxyrhachis sucks the sap and feed on sap of young shoots.

Seed Source

Seeds may be collected locally

Special Features

Being a good revenue earner it can be introduced in stream banks, where support trees are available. But once grown, it will suppress the support tree.


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