Nursery Technologies

Bauhinia racemosa

Family Caesalpinoideae
Common/Tamil Name Athi, Malai Athi, Vattathi
Fuel (Calorific Value) Moderate
Fodder Moderate
Other Uses Wood forms a good fuel; inner bark yields a strong fibre from which durable ropes are made.
Seed Collection time November - January
No. of Seeds per kg 8025/Kg.
Viability Upto 6 months
Germination percentage 17%
Seed Treatment Soaking in cold water
Nursery Technique Pre-treated seeds are sown in the mother bed, seedlings can be pricked out and planted in the poly bags. Germination starts from 6th day onwards. 6 months old seedling perform well. In 30 x 45 cm size bags it attains 4 feet in 6 months.          .

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