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Mint (Mentha sp)

Japanese mint – MAS-1, MA-2, Hybrid-77, Shivalik and EC-41911
Spear mint – MSS-1, MSS-5 and Punjab Spearmint-1
Bergamot mint – Kiran
Pepper mint - Kukrail

Soil and climate
Well drained loamy soil high in organic matter content with pH 6.5 to 7.0 is suitable. Sub-tropical areas receiving an annual rainfall of 100 - 150 cm are good.

It can be propagated through root suckers and terminal cuttings. Terminal cuttings are highly capable for rooting. The root suckers from the previous crop can be used for propagation.

Rooted stem cuttings are planted in beds at 40 x 40 cm spacing during June - July.

Apply NPK 50:75:50 kg/ha as basal. At four months after planting, N 25 kg/ha is applied.

Irrigation is given twice in a week.

Frequent weeding is done up to 75 days of planting.

First cutting starts in about 5 months after planting and subsequently at 3 months interval. Under good management conditions, the crop will give economic yield for about four years.

An average of about 24 - 30 t of herbage and 100 - 150 kg of oil can be obtained from a hectare in a year.


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