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JG-11, Phule G 95311 (K)

Date of sowing

  • Rainfed    :  Last of week of Sept. to 1st week of Oct. 
  • Irrigated   :  2nd fort night of Oct. to 1st week of Nov. 

30 x 10 cm   (line sowing)

Seed treatment

  • Seed priming (soaking of seed for 4-5 hours in water)
  • Seed treatment with Trichoderma (6g/kg) and Vitavax (Carboxin) (1g/kg)
  • Seed treatment with Rhizobium culture one packet (200 g)/10 kg seed


  • Pre-emergence spray of Pendimethalin @ 1.0-1.25 ai kg/ha
  • One hand weeding if required


One irrigation at pod initiation stage

Fertilizer application

  • 15-20 kg N, 40 kg P2O5, 20 kg S, 1.0 kg Ammonium Molybdate and 5 tons FYM/ha.
  • Spray of 2% urea/DAP at flowering stage (70 DAS) and 10 days thereafter

Plant Protection  

Pest monitoring

  • Installation of Pheromone traps 5-6 traps/ha (6 male moth catches/night).
  • Trap crop of marigold
  • Installation of bird perches - 30 - 40/ha (Remove bird perches at the time of maturity)
  • Spray of NSKE 5%/NPV 250 LE/ Indoxocarb 500 ml/ha


  • Mature in 3 - 7 months and the leaves turn brown/yellow during maturity
  • For dry seeds, the plants are harvested at maturity or slightly earlier by cutting them close to the ground or uprooting
  • The plants are stacked in the field for a few days to dry and later the crop is threshed by trampling or beating with wooden flails
  • The chaff is separated from the grain by winnowing.


400-600 kg/ha

Source: http://agropedia.iitk.ac.in

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