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TNAU Agritech Portal ::Traditional Varieties grown in Tamil nadu


  • There are 4 types of Ariyaan rice varieties grown in sandy soils of Regunathapuram areas at Ramnad district. Viz, “Vellai Ariyaan”, Karuppu Ariyaan, Sivappu Ariyaan, and Vazhai Ariyaan.
  • All Ariyaan varieties have awns. It grows very tall upto 5.5 to 6.5 feet.  The duration of all the Ariyaan varieties is 120 days.
  • They are sown in the month of Ayppasi (October-November) and harvested in the month of Thai (January)
  • This variety is suitable for coastal sandy soils and drought resistant tall variety
  • Rice kanji of the variety is good in taste. It prevents hunger for several hours
  • It needs at least one rainfall shower in first 3 months for higher yield   
  • The harvesting is done in three stages viz. top portion cut at first, middle portion cut at thereafter and bottom portion is cut at last
  • It gives higher yield of 2000-2100 kg per acre. 
  • It is affected by leaf folder and stem borer

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