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TNAU Agritech Portal :: Traditional Varieties grown in Tamil nadu


  • Grown in Anumandhakudi village in Sivagangai district
  • 150-170 days  and Suitable season for growing this variety is September – January
  • Suitable to direct sowing
  • Length of individual grain is 1cm.
  • Needs only organic manures such as green and green leaf manure
  • Non-lodging habit.
  • Profuse tillering.
  • The colour of the grain is black and it is only used for sweet making along with coconut milk and it is not suitable for meals preparation.
  • As it has profuse tillering habit, the paddy straw yield is 150 per cent higher than any other paddy variety.
  • Tillers are moist in nature and it fetches good weight.
  • Grain yield is 1800 kg per acre and straw yield is 700 kg per acre.
  • Price of grain is Rs.7/- per kg. But the rate for ordinary variety is Rs.3.50/- only.
  • It requires lesser quantity of water comparatively and suitable for black cotton soil and red soil in dry lands.

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