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Land requirement

Previous crop should not be the different variety of paddy. It was if same variety, it should have passed production of certified procedure


  • Adopt 3m all around the field

Land Prepartion

Pre-sowing seed management

Egg Flotation Method for Paddy Seeds
  • In dormant cultivars, break the dormancy by soaking the seeds in equal volume 0.1 N conc.HNO3 or in 0.5% KNO3 for a duration of 12-16 h. The seeds  are to be dried to original moisture content. (or)
  • Upgrade the seeds using specific gravity grading adopting salt water (egg flotation dissolve 1.5 kg of common salt in 1 lit of water grading) to remove ill filled and immatured seed.
  • For rainfed rice or direct sowing, harden the seeds by soaking the seeds in equal volume of 1% KCl solution for 16 h and dry back the seeds to original moisture  content.
  • Harden the seeds with 1% KCl for 16 h and dry back to original moisture content and coating with polymer @ 3 ml/kg + imidachloprid@ 2ml / kg + carbendazim @ 2 g / kg + Pseudomonas fluorescens @ 10 g/kg + Azophos @ 120g/kg. (or)
  • Soak the seeds in 3 % cowpea sprout extract for 16 h in the seed to solution ratio of 1:1 and dry back to original moisture content. (or)
  • Soak the seeds in 60% Pseudomonas fluorescens (80 g of powder form mixed in 100 ml of water) for 12 hrs

Method of planting

SRI nursery
  • SRI method can be adopted
For saline soil
  • Incorporation of green manure like daincha
  • Designer seed as detailed above.
  • Shallow planting @ 3-4 seedlings / hill.
  • Planting of seedlings with 5 days more aged seedlings than normal planting.
  • Basal application of gypsum @ 500 kg/ha.
  • Foliar spray with 0.5% FeSO4 and ZnSO4 at tillering stage

Fertilizer recommendation
  1. Short duration       : NPK @ 120:40:40 kg ha-1
  2. Medium duration   : NPK @ 150:50:60 kg ha-1
  3. Long duration        : NPK @ 150:50:80 kg ha-1
Zinc deficient soils
  • Apply ZnSO4 @ 25 kg ha-1

Fertilizer Application

Roguing space
  • Leave a roguing space of 30 cm between the beds  size of 150 cm
Foliar application
  • DAP 2% or 0.5% NutriGold (organic growth promotor) at boot leaf stage and at 5-10% flowering.
  • Spray with 3% cowpea sprout extract at vegetative and flowering stage.
Preparation of pulse sprout extract
  • Cowpea seeds were soaked overnight and incubated in a wet cloth for 12 h to enable sprouting.
  • Later, 100 g of sprouts were ground in a mixer grinder by using ice cubes of 100 ml of water to prepare extracts of 100 per cent concentration.
  • The ground material was squeezed through cloth bag to extract the sprout extract

  • When 90% of the panicle are in straw colour with the moisture content of 20% for short and medium duration varieties and 17% moisture for long duration varieties


  • Threshing at 16-17% moisture content either manually or using mechanical threshers for seed separation


  • Dry the seeds to 12-13% moisture content for short term storage and 8-9% moisture for long term storage

Paddy Maturity Index

Seed Treatment
  • Treat the seeds with carbendazim @ 2g kg-1 of seed using 5 ml of water kg-1 of seed or dry dress with halogen mixture (CaOCl2 + CaCO3 mixture at 1:1 ratio) of seed.
  • Coat the seed with polymer (3 ml kg-1 in 5 ml of water) + Royal flow 40 sc @ 2.4 ml kg-1 of seeds + imidachloprid @ 6 ml kg-1 of seed.
  • Expose the seeds thrice with 50 % CO2 (4 days for 50 kg container) at 12 % moisture content at 15 days interval.


  • For short term storage (9-12 months), store the seeds with 12-13% moisture content in gunny bag / cloth bag.
  • For medium term storage (12-36 months), store the seed in HDPE bag or polylined gunny bag with 10-12% seed moisture

Packing and Storage of Paddy Seeds

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