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The equipments involved in Cleaning and Grading are,
Cleaning and Grading
Some of the identified properties in seed lot and machines operated for removing that are listed below:

Name of the Separator Property followed Uses
Vibratory separator Shape and surface texture Removal of weed seeds
Spiral separator Shape or the degree of its ability to roll Separation of damaged/flat and wrinkled seeds from smooth seeds.  Separation of mustard, rape, soybean and peas from wheat, flax, oats, etc., and round seeds from flat seeds.
Disk / Indented cylinder separator Length Dissimilar material like wheat, rye, mustard, barley from oats
Electrostatic separator Electrical property Johnson grass from sesame seed
Electronic colour sorters Colour / brightness Separation of off coloured seeds
Inclined draper Shape and surface texture Separation of smooth or round seeds from rough flat or elongated seeds
Magnetic separator Surface texture and stickiness Removal of contaminating weed seed from clovers, alfalfa seeds and iron metals
Roll mill Shape and surface texture Separation of smooth clover seed
Gravity separator or Destoner Density or specific gravity Removal of badly damaged, deteriorated, insect damaged crop seed and stones from good seeds.

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