Seed Processing :: Equipments


The equipments involved in Pre- conditioning and pre cleaning are,


It removes the larger inert matter from the seeds. If it contains a single sieve it is called as scalpers, two sieves – rough cleaners. The unit consists of a vibrating or rotating screen or sieve having perforation large enough to allow the rough seed pass through readily.


The machine has horizontal beater with arms rotating inside a steel drum. When the seeds pass through it do the action of rubbing the seeds and clip the seeds of oats, debeard barley, thresh white cap in wheat, remove awns and beards, de hull some grass seeds and polish the seed.

Huller – scarifier

Have two rubber faced rough surfaces to rub the seeds. Dehulling (removal of outer coat or husk) and scarifier (scratching the seed coat) can be done simultaneously or separately. Its operations,
Seed – rotating disc- centrifugal force – thrown – huller- - suction chamber- removes lighter seeds .

Maize sheller

1. High capacity power operated shellers - bulk
2. Hand shellers – breeder or nucleus seed.

 Seed Scalper





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