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Processing involved in three steps

Step 1: Pre- conditioning and pre cleaning

Pre conditioning: Isolation of seed from plant parts with which it was harvested e.g. Shelling

Pre cleaning : Removal of external materials like trash, stones, clods which are either in larger size or lighter in weight. No pre cleaning is required for hand harvested and winnowed seeds

Equipments for Pre- conditioning and pre cleaning Click Here

Step 2: Cleaning

The second stage of cleaning is carried out with air blasts and vibrating screens and is applicable to all kinds of seeds. It is essentially the same as scalping but more refined. It is performed mostly by one machine known as air-screen cleaner.

Equipments for cleaning Click Here

Step 3: Cleaning and Grading

To obtain quality seed, it is necessary to clean the seed obtained from the farm to get rid of inert materials, weed seeds, other crop seeds, other variety seeds, damaged and deteriorated seed.  Different kinds of seeds can be separated when they differ in one or more physical characteristics.  Physical characteristics normally used to separate seeds are size, shape, length, weight, colour, surface texture, affinity to liquids, electrical conductivity, etc.  The problem lies in identifying the most important property and use the machine that separates seed using the identified property. 

Equipments for cleaning and grading Click Here

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