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Nucleus seed  1. TPS 3        2. TPS( R )4
Breeder seed   1. ASD 16 2.TPS 3
Truthful Seed 1. ASD 16    2. TPS 3



Parentage      ASD 16 / ADT 37
Duration   118 days
Grain Yield  6134 Kg/ha
Varieties compared and percentage of increase in yield  15.0, 15.0 and 4.0 per cent over ASD 16, ADT 43 and ADT  45 respectively. 
Special features It is moderately resistant to stem borer, leaf folder and  hoppers. It has intermediate amylose content
and soft GC. It is suitable for first season (Kar) and late planting in second season  (Pishanam) in Tamil
Nadu. It is not affected by RTD in the second season.

Updated on Oct 2013