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Areacanut Dehusker
Areacanut Dehusker
1. Function   To dehusk the dried arecanut fruits
2. Specification
(i) Overall dimension
(L x B x H, mm)
  1660 x 600 x 1615
(ii) Capacity   30 kg/h
(ii) Power required     1 hp electric moto
3. General Information   It consists of a mainframe on which a rotary shelling drum having 8 Nos. of solid rubbers on its periphery is mounted (like rasp bar threshing cylinder).   Below this, a concave is placed to aid shelling and to pass the dehusked material down.  After dehusking kernels and husk flow to the duct and reach the air stream, produced  by a blower.  The husk is  thrown out and the kernels / nuts are collected at the bottom.  Depending upon the size of fruits, the concave has to be changed for higher efficiency and minimum breakage.  Grading the dried fruits before dehusking will also help to increase the dehusking efficiency and reduce the breakage
4. Cost of the unit (Approximate)   Rs.37, 500/-
5. Cost of operation   Rs.15/h
6. Sailent Features  
  • The unit is portable
  • Depending upon the size of the fruit, the concave has to be changed.
  • Initial grading of fruits will increase the dehusking efficiency.
  • Suitable for continuous dehusking.
Updated on: Nov, 2015
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