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Biodiesel Manufacturing Plant




Production of  biodiesel from vegetable oils




i. Capacity


250 kg oil/day

ii. Command area required


25 ha

iii. Biodiesel production


250 L/day

iv. Glycerol production


55 kg/day


General Information


Biodiesel is produced from Jatropha oil by converting the triglycerides into methyl esters with a process known as transesterification.  The Jatropha oil is blended with methyl alcohol and catalyst mixture, which is kept at reaction temperature for specific duration under agitation and sent to the settling tank. The ester is collected and washed to get pure biodiesel.  The pilot plant consists of reaction vessel with heating and agitating device, catalyst mixing vessel, settling tanks and washing tank.  


Salient features



About 250 litres of biodiesel can be produced per day from vegetable oils or tree seed oils.


Glycerol (by-product), can be used further in soap making or in chemical industries.

Contact us

Professor and Head,
Department of Bio-Energy,
TNAU, Coimbatore-641003.
Phone: 0422-6611276





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