Biogas :: Deenabandhu Model

 Deenabandhu Model Biogas Plant

Biogas Digester

1. Function : Household cooking, lighting and running engines

2. Specification :  
  i. Components : Dome, Digester, Gas storage, Gas Outlet Pipe, Inlet and out let pipe
  ii. Feed material : cow dung, pig manure, poultry droppings etc.
  iii. Shape of the plant : Dome model

3. General Information : It is an improved fixed dome model, where form work is used for construction.   Due to shell structure the thicknes is considerably reduced. The entire plant  is built with brick in cement mortar. Unlike janta Biogas plant it does not   require any shuttering, thus reducing the cost of construction. The digestor, gas storage chamber and the empty space above the slurry are all provided in   the spherical shell. All the slurry displaced out of the gas storage chamber   is stored in the outlet displacement chamber as there is no displacement space  on the inlet side. The inlet is in the form of a pipe which connects the digester with slurry mixing tank. The hydraulic retention time for this design   is 40 days for northern plains of the country. For hilly regions the retention  time is about 50 days. A number of plants have been built in village Darapur,  P.O. Hardnaganj, Aligarh(U.P.) and Nagercoil in Tamil Nadu. 

4. Salient features : 1- 4 cum capacity in 1 to 2 days duration.

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