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TNAU Improved Dry Land Weeder




For weeding in row crops for removing shallow rooted weeds. It has been designed ergonomically for easy operation. Useful in dryland and gardenland crops and is ideal at a soil moisture content of 8 to 10 per cent.






i. Type


Manually operated 


ii. Power requirement


A man  labourer


iii. Overall dimensions 


1100 x 650 x 1050 mm


iv. Weight 


3 kg


v. Capacity


0.05 ha / day  


General Information


This is a long handled tool and consists of one number of 25 mm diameter and 1200mm long conduit pipe over which 520mm long handle is fitted. At the bottom of the central pipe frame , two arms made of 250 X 25 X 3 mm of MS plates are fitted. At the extreme end of the arm 120 mm diameter star wheel is fixed. A cutting blade is fitted to the arm 200mm to the back of the star wheel the star wheel facilitates easy movement of the tool. The operating width of the blade is 120 mm.  


Cost of the unit


Rs. 600/-


Salient features


Useful in dry land and garden land crops.
Ideal to remove shallow rooted weeds.
The workable moisture content has to be 8 to 10 %.


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