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Power Rotary Weeder




For mechanical control of weeds in crops such as sugarcane, tapioca, cotton and orchards.




i. Type


Self propelled

ii. Power requirement


8.38 hp Diesel engine

iii. Overall dimensions


2400 x 1750 x 1100 mm

iv. Weight


200 Kg

v. Capacity


1 - 1.2 ha per day


General Information


A 8.38 hp diesel engine operates the weeder. The engine power is transmitted to ground wheels through V belt-pulley. A tail wheel is provided at the rear to maintain the operating depth. Weeding is done by the rotary weeding attachment. The rotary weeder consists of three rows of discs mounted with 6 numbers of curved blades in opposite directions alternatively in each disc. These blades when rotating enable cutting and mulching the soil. The width of coverage of the rotary tiller is 500 mm and the depth of operation can be adjusted to weed and mulch the soil in the cropped field.


Cost of the unit (approx)


Rs.  100,000 /-


Salient features



  • Useful for weeding between rows of crops like tapioca, cotton, sugarcane, maize, tomato and pulses whose rows spacing is more than 45 cm


  • Attachments like sweep blades, ridger, trailer can be used with the machine.
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