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Tractor Operated Multi Row Rotary Weeder





For   weeding and intercultural operations in between row crops like sugarcane, cotton, maize, etc.  






i. Type


Mounted type


ii. Power requirement


35 hp tractor


iii. Overall dimensions 


400 x 636 x 1665, mm


iv. Weight 


143 kg


v. Capacity


2.0 ha per day  


General Information


The multi row rotary weeder consists of a set of cutting blades, which penetrate in to the soil, cause removing the weeds in the crop rows The power train consists of a gearbox containing a set of bevel gears having transmission ratio 2:1. The driving shaft of gearbox was coupled with PTO shaft of the tractor and driven shaft is coupled with rotary units by means of chain and sprocket power transmission systems. The “L” shaped cutting edge has been sharpened for easy cutting and fixed at an optimum angle of inclination of 500 to horizontal. The cutting blade has also been used as an inclined plane for elevating and converging the soil to the rotating blades to perform cutting the weeds and pulverizing the soil.  


Cost of the unit (approx)


Rs.  1 00,000


Salient features


  • Weeding and earthingup operations are simultaneously performed in a single pass; row to row distance between the rotor groups are adjustable.  
  • Weeding efficiency is 71 per cent.
  • The saving in cost and time were 73.12 and 81.5 per cent respectively as compared to conventional method of manual weeding.
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