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S.No Crops Product
1 Cereals Paddy Rice, Flour, Rice bran oil, Value added products.
Wheat Wheat flour, Wheat rava, Wheat biscuit
Maize Maize flour, Corn flakes, Poultry feed, Cattle feed.
2 Millets Sorghum Flour
Combu flour
Ragi Flour
Others Flour
3 Pulses Red gram Dhal
Black gram Dhal, Fried item
Cowpea Dhal, Fried item
Bengal gram Dhal, Fried item, Roasted Bengalgram.
Green gram Dhal, Fried dhall, Health food mix
4 Oilseeds Groundnut Oil, Cake, Roasted groundnut, Groundnut candies
Sesamum Oil, Cake, Roasted gingelly, Sesamum candies
Sunflower Oil
castor Oil, Medicinal Oil
5 Cash crops Cotton Ginning, Cattle feed, Cotton seed Oil
Sugarcane Sugar, Juice, Gur, Molasses
Tobacco Tobacco products



Name of the Fruit crop Product
Mango Juice , RTS, Nectar, Squash, Jam, Preserve, Toffee, Amchur, Pickles, Chutney, Canned mango, Mango powder, Mango concentrate.
Guava Jeely, Cheese, Toffee, Nectar, Canned guava, Squash, Vinegar.
Anola Preserve Jam, Candy, Sqrup, Pickle, Chutney, Dried shreds, Triphla, Chyawanprash.
Pomegranate Juice, Squash, Syrup, Andrdana.
Pineapple Canned pineapple, Juice, Squash, Syrup, Jam.
Litchi Juice, Syrup, Canned litchi.
papaya Jam, candy, Nectar, Pickle, Sauce, Canned papaya, Papain.
Grape Wine, Juice, Raisin, Munakka.
Karonda Pickle, Jelly, Candy, Preserve.
Banana Canned banana, Dried banana, Toffee.
Fig Dried fig
Loquat Jam, Jelly, Canned loquat.
Ber candy, Preserve, Canned ber, Jam.
Phalsa Juice, Squash, Syrup.
Citrus fruit Juice, Pickle, Mar,alade, Squash, Cordially, Barley water
Jamun Jelly, Syrup, Vinegar.
Strawberry Jam
Jack fruit Pickle
Bael Preserve, Nectar, Squash, Canned bael, Cider
Mulberry Juice, Squash.
Apple Jam, Preserve, Juice, Chutney, cider.
Cherry Jam, Candy, canned cherry, Dried cherry.
Peach Jam, Chutney, Canned peach, Dried peach.
Pear Jam, Chutney, Pickle, Preserve, Canned pear.
Plum Jam, Chutney, Sauce, Dried plum.
Apricot Jam, Chutney, Canned apricot, Dried apricot.
date Dried date, Dates syrup.
Mango Juice
Crops Product
Vegetables Tomato Sauce, Chutney, Pickle, Puree, Paste, Canned Tomato, Juice, Soup, Jam
Cauliflower Pickle, Dried cauliflower, Canned, cauliflower.
Carrot Jam, Preserve, Pickle, Candy, Canned carrot.
Cabbage Sauerkraut, Dried cabbage.
peas Canned peas, Dried peas, Pickle.
Brinjal Pickle
Green chilli Pickle
Beetroot Pickle, Canned beetrrot
Radish Pickle
Turnip Pickle, Canned turnip, Dried turnip
Pointed gourd canned pointed guard, Dried pointed guard.
Ash gourd Candy
Bitter gourd Pickle, Dried  bitter gourd
Onion Pickle, Dried onion
Garlic Pickle, Powder
Beans Canned beans, Dried beans
Spinach Canned spinach
Ginger Pickle, Preserve, Candy, Dried ginger, RTS, Syrup.
Cucumber Pickle
Watermelon Juice, Squash
Musk melon Juice, Squash
Mushroom Pickle, Sauce, Canned mushroom
Dried mushroom
Potato Canned potato, Papad, Chips, Starch
Spices Dry, Dry powder, Masala mix
Beverages Tea Green tea, Black tea, lemon tea, Herbal
Coffee Powder
plantations Rubber Gum, Tyre 
Coconut Tender coconut, Oil, Coconut burfi, Coir pith, Cocopeat, handicraft 
Banana Chips, banana leaf plates, Fibre
Dehydrated powder.
Cashewnut Wholenut, Fried product, cake.
Betelvine Betel leaf
Arecanut Plates, Nut.
Medicinal plant Essential oil
Flowers Dry flower, Boquaet making, Flower arrangemeny, Rose jam, Rose kulconthu, Perfume making



Raw Materials Processed Product
Dairy Milk, Cheese, Ghee, Curd, Milk food, Milk powder
Sea food Pickles, Fish powder, Soup powder, Fish biscuit, Dried fish
Meat value added product
Egg egg powder, egg shell powder



Match stick
Bamboo food product
Medicinal value

Source: Fruit and Vegetables Preservation Principles and Practice
Authors: R. P. Srivastava & Sanjeev kumar


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