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Irrigation Management :: Cumbu

Cumbu (Pennisetum glaucum (L) R. Br. )

Irrigation to the Seed Bed


Provide one inlet to each unit of 6 plots to allow water in the channels.


Allow water to enter the channel and rise up in it. Turn off the water when the raised bed is wet.


Irrigate as per the following schedule.

 Light Soil

Heavy Soil


immediately after sowing

Immediately after sowing


on 3rd  day after sowing

On 3rd  day after sowing


on 7th  day after sowing

On 9th  day after sowing


on 12th  day after sowing

On 16th day after sowing


on 17th  day after sowing


Main Field

Forming Ridges and Furrows/beds

i.    Form ridges and furrows (using 3 ridges) 6 m long and 45 cm apart. If pulses are intercropped, form ridges and furrows 6 m long and 30 cm apart.
ii.   If ridge planting is not followed, form beds of the size 10 m2 or 30 m2 depending upon water availability.
iii.  Form irrigation channels.
iv. To conserve soil moisture under rainfed condition, sow the seeds in flat and form furrows between crop rows during intercultivation on third week after sowing.

Water Management

STAGES Days after transplantation/sowing
Transplanted Crop Direct Sown Crop
Light Soils
i. Germination 1st  day after transplanting 1st  day after sowing
4th  day 4th  day
ii. Vegetative phase 15th  Day 17th  day
28th  day 30th  day
iii. Flowering phase 40th  day 42nd  day
52nd  day 55th  day
65th  day 68th  day
iv. Maturity phase 77th day 79th  day
Total 8 irrigations 8 irrigations
Heavy Soils
i. Germination 1st  day after planting 1st  day after sowing
4th  day 5th  day
ii. Vegetative phase 15th  day 15th  day
28th  day 30th  day
iii. Flowering phase 42nd  day 45th  day
54th  day 57th  day
iv. Maturity Phase 66th  day 70th  day
Total 7 irrigations 7 irrigations

NOTE: This is only a guideline and the irrigation schedule is to be adjusted depending upon the prevailing weather conditions.

Updated on : 2013


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