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Irrigation Management :: Gingelly


  1. For irrigated gingelly, form beds of size 10 m2 or 20 m2 depending upon the availability, inflow of water and slope of the land.
  2. Level the beds perfectly without any depressions to prevent water stagnation, which will affect the germination adversely.

Water Management

  1. Irrigate at sowing
  2. Life irrigation - 7 days after sowing depending on the soil and climatic condition and allow excess water to percolate.
  3. Give one pre-flowering irrigation (25 days):
  4. One at flowering (An irrigation at flowering period is critical)
  5. One or two at pod setting.


  1. The critical stage for moisture requirement is the flowering phase i.e, between 35th to 45th days of sowing.
  2. During the maturity phase, moisture status should be low. If more water is given during this phase, maturity of seeds is affected and filling up of the capsules will be poor. Therefore, stop irrigation after 65 days of sowing. rigation Management :: Gingelly

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