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Irrigation Management :: Groundnut


Water Management

  1. Schedule the irrigation at 0.40 and 0.60 IW/CPE ratio during vegetative and reproductive phases respectively.
  2. Regulate irrigation according to the following growth phase of the crop.

Pre-flowering phase :  1 to 25 days
Flowering phase     :  26 to 60 days
Maturity phase        :  61 to 105 days

  1. Regulate irrigation based on physiological growth phases.
  2. Pegging, flowering and pod development phases are critical for irrigation during which period adequate soil moisture is essential.

Apply irrigation as follows:

  1. Sowing or pre-sowing
  2. Life irrigation, 4 - 5 days after sowing 20 days after sowing
  3. At flowering give two irrigations
  4. At pegging stage give one or two irrigations
  5. In pod development stage, 2 - 3 irrigations depending on the soil type     


  1. Spraying 0.5% Potassium chloride during flowering and pod development stages will aid to mitigate the ill effects of water stress.
  2. Sprinkler irrigation will save water to the tune of about 30%.
  3. Borderstrip irrigation is recommended in command areas in light textured soils. Composted coir pith increases moisture availability and better drainage in heavy textured soil.



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