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Irrigation Management :: Necessity of Irrigation

Necessity of Irrigation

  • Uncertainty of monsoon rainfall:
    80% of rainfall in India is received during monsoon period. Monsoon     rainfall is very uncertain. So irrigation is very important to supply water to plants       also and when needed.

  • Uneven distribution of rainfall:
    To compensate the uneven distribution in an area, supplemental irrigation is needed.

  • Effect of winter rainfall (N India)/ Effect of SWM in S. India:
    Supplemental irrigation is inevitable in the regions due to poor rainfall.

  • Cultivation of high yielding crops:
    High yielding crops produce heavy biomass and economic yield. Higher biomass need more water for its production. Hence supplementation of water as irrigation is essential.

  • Difference in water holding capacity of the soil:
    Sandy soil - low WHC – frequent irrigation. Clay soil - high WHC - frequency is less.



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