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Irrigation Management :: Ragi

Ragi (Eleusine coracana)

Water Management (Nursery)

  • Provide one inlet to each nursery unit.
  • Allow water to enter through the inlet and cover all the channels around the beds.Allow the water in the channels to raise till the raised beds are wet and then cut off water.
  • Adjust the frequency of irrigation according to the soil type.
No. of irrigations Red Soils Heavy Soils
1st Immediately after sowing Immediately after sowing
2nd 3rd day after sowing 4th day after sowing
3rd 7th day after sowing 9th day after sowing
4th 12th day after sowing 16th day after sowing
5th 17th day after sowing ..


  • One irrigation is given on the 3rd day in the case of red soil to soften the hard crust formed on the soil surface and also to facilitate seedlings to emerge out.
  • Do not allow cracks to develop in the nursery bed by properly adjusting the quantity of irrigation water.

Main Field
Water Management

Regulate irrigation according to the following growth phases of the crop

Stages No. of
80 days Crop duration 100 days 120 days
Vegetative phase(Nursery)
  1 to 16 1 to 18 1 to 20
Vegetative phase
(in main field)
  1 to18 1 to 20 1 to 22
Flowering phase   19 to 40 21 to 55 23 to 69
Maturity phase   Beyond 40 days Beyond 55 days Beyond 69 days
Heavy soils
Establishment(1-7 days) 1 1st day 1st day 1st day
2 5th day 5th day 5th day
Vegetative phase(8-20 days) 1 18th day 20th day 20th day
2 31st day 33rd day 30th day
Flowering phase(21-55 days) 1 41st day 42nd day 37thd ay
2 51st day 52nd day 44th day
3 -- -- 63rd day
Maturity phase(56-120 days) 1 61st day 62nd day 78th day
2 -- -- 93rd day
Stop irrigation thereafter
Light soils
Establishment(1 – 7 days) 1 1st  day 1st  day 1st  day
2 5th  day 5th  day 5th  day
Vegetative phase (8 - 20 days) 1 15th  day 16th  day 16th  day
2 26th  day 28th  day 28th  day
Flowering phase (21 - 55 days) 1 36th  day 36th  day 36th  day
2 45th  day 45th  day 45th  day
3  .. 54th  day 54th  day
Maturity phase (56 - 120 days) 1 58th  day 69th  day 78th  day
2 70th  day 85th day 93rd  day
Stop irrigation thereafter
NOTE: The irrigation schedule is given only as a general guideline.  Regulate irrigation depending upon the prevailing weather conditions and receipt of rain.



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