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Irrigation Management :: Sorghum

Nursery Practices

  • Provide one inlet to each nursery unit.
  • Allow water to enter through the inlet and cover all the channels till the raised beds are wet and then cut off water and
  • Adjust the frequency of irrigation according to the soil types as follows:
Number of irrigations Red soils Heavy soils
First irrigation Immediately after sowing Immediately after sowing
Second irrigation 3rd  day after sowing 4th   day after sowing
Third irrigation 7th  day after sowing 9th  day after sowing
Fourth irrigation 12th  day after sowing 16th  day after sowing

NOTE: Do not allow cracks to develop in the nursery by properly adjusting the quantity of irrigation water.

Main field Preparation for Irrigated Crop

Formation of Ridges and Furrows

  • Form ridges and furrows using a ridger at 6 m long and 45 cm apart
  • Form irrigation channels across the furrows
  • Alternatively, form beds of size 10 m2 and 20 m2 depending on the availability of water.

Forming ridges and furrows

Main Field

Regulate irrigation according to the following growth phase of the crop.


Transplanted crop

Direct sown crop

Growth phase

1 to 40 days

1 to 33 days

Flowering phase

41 to 70 days

34 to 65 days

Maturity phase

71 to 95 days

66 to 95 days

Stages  No. of Irrigation Days of Transplanting/Sowing of Crop
Transplanted Direct sown
Light soils
i. Irrigate for germination or establishment 1 1st day 1st day
2 4th day 4th day
ii. Regulate irrigation during vegetative phase 1 15th day 15th day
2 28th day 28th day
iii. Flowering phase
(copious irrigation)
1 40th day 40th day
2 52nd day 52nd day
3 .. 64th day
iv.Maturity phase
(Control irrigation)
1 65th day 76th day
2 .. 88th day
v. Stop irrigation thereafter .. ..  
Heavy soils
i. Irrigate for germination or establishment 1 1st day 1st  day
2 4th day 4th  day
ii. Regulate irrigation during vegetative phase 1 17th day 17th day
2 30th day 30th day
iii. Flowering phase (give copious irrigation) 1 40th day 45th day
2 52nd day 60th day
3  .. 75th  day

Maturity phase (Control irrigation)

1 72nd day 90th  day
v. Stop irrigation thereafter  


Adjust irrigation schedule according to the weather conditions and depending upon the receipt of rains.

Contingent Plan:

  1. This should be done before 75% of soil moisture is lost from available water.
  2. Spraying 3% Kaolin (30 g in one litre of water) during periods of stress will mitigate the ill effects.

Ratoon Sorghum Crop

Water Management

  • Irrigate immediately after cutting the main crop.
  • Irrigation should not be delayed for more than 24 hours after cutting.
  • Irrigate on 3rd or 4th day after cutting.
  • Subsequently irrigate once in 7 - 10 days.
  • Stop irrigation on 70 - 80 days after ratooning.

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