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Irrigation Management :: Sugarbeet

Tropical Sugarbeet


  • Tropical sugarbeet is very sensitive to water stagnation in soil at all stages of crop growth. 
  • Irrigation should be based on soil type and climatic condition.
  • Pre-sowing irrigation is essential since at the time of sowing, sufficient soil moisture is must for proper irrigation. 
  • First irrigation is crucial for the early establishment of the crop.       
  • For loose textured sandy loam soil irrigation once in 5 to 7 days and for heavy textured clay loam soil once in 8 – 10 days is recommended.
  • The irrigation has to be stopped at least 2 to 3 weeks before harvest. 
  • At the time of harvest if the soil is too dry and hard it is necessary to give pre harvest irrigation for easy harvest. 
  • Light and frequent irrigation is recommended for maintaining optimum soil moisture.
  • Water requirement 800 - 850 mm.

Water management

  • Optimum EC up to 1 ds/m
  • It can be grown in water containing EC 1 to 2 ds/m
  • Irrigation schedule:  Life irrigation on 3rd day
  • For vegetative stage(up to 45 DAS) - 4 irrigation, vegetative to tuber initiation
    (75 DAS) - 4 irrigation, tuber  maturation(up to 125 DAS) - 4 irrigation and Maturity - 2 irrigation – up to 15-20 DAS maintain optimum soil moisture for  good germination and population.
  • Drip fertigation with 100 % recommended dose of Fertilizer 150:75:75 Kg NPK ha-1 found to be better for tropical sugarbeet.

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