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Irrigation Management :: Sunflower


Forming Ridges and Furrows

    1. Form ridges and furrows 6 m long.
    2. Use bund-former or ridge plough to economise and
    3. Form irrigation channels across and ridges according to the topography of the field.
    4. Irrigate the crop according to the different growth stages.

Regulate irrigation according to the following growth phase.

    1. Pre-sowing irrigation
    2. Life irrigation
    3. 20th day after sowing
    4. Early bud development
    5. Flowering-2 irrigations  (Flowering period is critical)
    6. Seed development-2 irrigations

Water Management   

Irrigate immediately after sowing followed by an irrigation on 4 - 5th day and later at intervals of 7 to 8 days according to soil and climatic conditions, seeding, flowering and seed development stage (ie) two weeks before and after flowering.



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