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Agronomic Measures - Alternate Land use pattern

All drylands are not suitable for crop production. Same lands may be suitable for range/pasture management and for tree farming and ley farming, dryland horticulture and agro-forestry systems including alley cropping. All these systems which are alternative to crop production are called as alternate land use systems.

Afforestation Horticulture Development
Fodder cultivation Pasture Development


Agro forestry is an integration of agricultural crops with trees in the same piece of land. Agro forestry will provides food, fodder for cattle and develop environment and enriches the soil.

  • Acacia + Kollukattaipull
  • Supapul + Kollukattaipull

Benefits of Agro-forestry system:

  • It increases gross income of the land.
  • Supplies furniture wood, fuel and fodder.
  • Checks soil erosion.
  • Enriches the soil.
  • Controls wind velocity there by reduce the crop damage.
  • Reclamation of problematic soils.
  • Regulates soil temperature.


  • Amla + Kollukattaipull
  • Custard apple + Kollukattaipull

Benefits of Agri-horti

  • Soil and moisture conservation.
  • Increased production.
  • Increased profit.
  • Additional employment opportunity.
  • Processing and allied industries.
  • Solves nutritional requirement.

Silvi-pastoral system :

Growing of tree species and forage crops in given unit area of land.

Trees Forage crops
Soundal Fodder cowpea
Acacia sp Fodder sorghum
Vagai Kollukattaipull
  Hedge lucerne

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