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Agronomic Measures - Inter cropping

Growing of two or more crops simultaneously on the same piece of land with a definite row pattern. E.g. growing maize + black gram in 1:2 ratio i.e. after every one row of maize two rows of black gram is sown. Thus, cropping intensity in space dimension is achieved.

Some of the cropping patterns

Sorghum & Redgram Groundnut & Castor
Groundnut & Sorghum Sorghum & Black gram

S.No Region Intercropping system
1 North east Groundnut + Sorghum
Groundnut + Pulses (Redgram)+ Castor
2 North west Groundnut + Pulses (Redgram)
Sorghum + Lab lab
Groundnut + Castor
Cotton + Black gram
3 Western Groundnut + Castor
Groundnut + Redgram
Sorghum + Redgram
Groundnut + Sunflower
4 Southern Sorghum + Sunflower
Cotton + Black gram
Cotton + Cluster bean

Benefits :

  1. Intercropping system could promote the full use of crop land water by plant roots.
  2. Increases the water storage in root zone.
  3. Reduces the inter-row evaporation and control excessive transpiration.
  4. Create special microclimate advantageous to the plant growth and development.
  5. Increase the crop yieldper unit area greatly without increase of water consumption, so as to promote the crop water use efficiency effectively.

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