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Engineering Measures - Broad beds and furrows:

In a broadbed-and-furrow system, runoff water is diverted into field furrows (30 cm wide and 30 cm deep). The field furrows are blocked at the lower end. When one furrow is full, the water backs up into the head furrow and flows into the next field furrow. Between the field furrows are broad beds about 170 cm wide, where crops are grown.

Broadbed furrow cum sowing Established crop in Broadbed furrows
Soil and moisture conservation in BBF Broadbed furrows sowing

  • To control erosion and to conserve soil moisture in the soil during rainy days
General information
  • It is suitable when the slope of the land is < 3%
  • The broad bed and furrow system is laid within the field boundaries.
  • The land levels taken and it is laid using either animal drawn or tractor drawn ridgers.
  • Approximate cost for laying beds and furrows is Rs. 1000/- per ha.
Salient features
  • Conserves soil moisture in dryland
  • Controls soil erosion.
  • Acts as a drainage channel during heavy rainy days.


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