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Engineering Measures - Bench terracing
  • On steeply sloping lands, the slopes where such terraces are found useful vary from 6 to 30 per cent.
  • Bench terraces with 100 m length, longitudinal grades in the range of 0.2 to 0.8 per cent are recommended for Alfisols of high rainfall regions.
  • Bench terraces are suitable where soil depth is more than 21/2 feet and it can be laid in slopy land ranges from 16.67 to 33%.
  • In highly slopy lands (8-15%) three types of bench terraces are planned viz., horizontal, inward and outward based on soil type and water holding capacity.
  • In hilly areas, cultivation of horticultural crops under bench terracing method conserve soil, moisture and reduces nutrient loss and increases the yield.
  • It also reduces soil erosion.

Bench terrace Terracing
Bench terracing Bench Terraces with guinea grass on risers

Cultivation in Bench Terraces

Note: If the length of the Bench Terraces is more than 400 feet, the excess water flow could be guided through contours with proper outlets.



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