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Engineering Measures - Micro Catchment

Circular basins Crescent bunding

In drylands, quantum of rainfall is not sufficient for the cultivation of crops , if tree cultivation is possible means developing micro catchments around the tree will improve the storage of rainfall and increase the yield. In slopy land this type of catchments could be developed across the slope.

For tree crops, according to inter space available catchments are formed. It stores rain water where it falls and helps in growth of trees. For plain and hill areas the shape of the bunds were decided.

Micro catchments size of 5 x 5 m and the quantum of rainfall is 20 mm will give 500 liters of water.

Circular and semicircular basins

  • It is suitable for fruit crops.
  • Bundings were for formed individually for each tree.
  • Circular bunding recommended for plain land area, whereas sloppy lands with semicircular or crescent bunding.
  • Distance between bunding depends upon tree spacing

'V' ditches

  • In the land areas at 4 to 6 m intervals V shaped ditches are formed with the help of machine or animal drawn machine. Down the line of ditches covered with soil bunding and the trees are planted in the pits based on the spacing needed.

Catch pits


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