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Engineering Measures - Percolation ponds

Percolation ponds are small ponds located mostly in low lying areas of poromboke lands and formed in order to store the run-off of rainwater and to allow it to percolate downwards and sideways.

Deep ponds are preferred since evaporation of the stored water therein will be less.

It has been observed that the percolation ponds are effective up to a distance of 1000 metres on the downstream side and wells within this range are benefited with more replenishment of water.


Based on water harvesting area, it costs Rs. 2 to 5 lakhs. It can be built with the support of government for the benefit of atleast fifty farm families.

Benefits :

  • It replenish ground water during rainy season .
  • It reduces velocity of water thereby reduce soil erosion.
  • Reduces siltation in water tank, ponds and check dams.
  • Floods can be avoided.
  • Generates employment during dry period.
  • Increased cultivable area.
  • Points to be considered.
  • Area should't be hard and rocky.
  • Capacity of the ponds depends upon amount and frequency of water flow.
  • In the downstream there should be farm lands and irrigation well.
  • The depth should be atleast 1.5 m.
  • The depth should be atleast 1.5 m.
  • Strengthen the bunds with soil .



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