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Advantage of Green Manuring

  1. Has positive influence on the physical and chemical properties of soil.
  2. Helps to maintain the organic matter status of aerable soil.
  3. Serves as source of food and energy for the microbes multiplies rapidly, not only decompose the GM and result in release of plant nutrients in available forms for use by the crops.
  4. Improves aeration in rice soils by stimulating activities of surface film of algae and bacteria
  5. Additional use as source of food, feed and fuel.

Soil Structure and tilth improvement

  1. Green manuring builds up soil structure and improves tilth
  2. Promotes formation of crumbs in heavy soils leading to aeration and drainage
  3. Increases the water holding capacity of light soils.
  4. Form a canopy cover over the soil, reduce the soil temperature and prevents from erosive   action of rain and water

Fertility improvement of soils

  1. Absorb nutrients from the lower layer and leave them in surface when ploughed
  2. Prevent leaching of nutrients to lower layers.
  3. Harbour N fixing bacteria, rhizobia in root nodules and fix atmospheric N
    (60 to 100 kg N/ha)
  4. Increase the solubility of lime phosphates, trace elements etc., through the activity of the soil microorganisms and by producing organic acids during decomposition.

Amelioration of soil problems

Sesbania aculeata (daincha) applied to sodic soils continuously for four or five seasons improves the permeability and helps to reclaim.
Argemone mexicana & Tamarindus indica has a buffering effect when applied to sodic soils.

Improvement in crop yield and quality

  1. Increases the yield of crops to 15 to 20 %
  2. Vitamin and protein content of rice increased

Pest control

Pongamia and Neem leaves have insect control effects.


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