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  • First endogenous cytokinin was isolated from maize kernels named as zeatin.
  • Germinating seeds, roots, sap streams, developing fruits and tumor tissue are rich in cytokinins.
  • Cytokinins imbibed seeds germinate better in dark than unimbibed lettuce seeds.
  • Similarly cytokinin together with gibberllin effectively breaks the photodormancy of celery (Apium graveolens) seeds.
  • Synthetic cytokinins are kinetin, benzyladenine and ethoxy ethladenine.

Role of cytokinin

  • Cell divisions, elongation and enlargement       
  • Induction of flowering, fruit development    
  • Apical dominance-overcoming                              
  • Delay senescence   
  • Tissue culture morphogenesis
  • Parthenocarpy
  • Breaking dormancy            
  • Improves N2 metabolism

Cell division
Auxillary growth
Delaying of senescence


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