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Season and Varieties :: Maize

Maize (Zea mays L.)

I. Season and Varieties 

1. Adipattam (July - August) TNAU maize hybrid Co 6, Baby corn Co(Bc) 1
2. Purattasipattam (September - October)  TNAU maize hybrid Co 6, Baby corn Co(Bc) 1
3. Thaipattam (January - February) TNAU maize hybrid Co 6, Baby corn Co(Bc) 1



CO 1
Parentage Unit Selection from Indonesian popu­ lation Suwan 1
Duration (days) 105 - 110
Area of Adoption Coimbatore, Erode, Tirunelveli, Tanjore and Pudukottai
Rainfed/Irrigated Both
Grain yield (kg/ha)
Irrigated 5200
Rainfed 3300
Special features Resistant to downy mildew Orange flint grains
Sheath colour Green
Node colour Green
Mid rib White
Cob size Big
Husk coverage Full
Grain colour Deep orange
Nature of kernels Flint

PARTICULARS TNAU maize hybrid Co 6 Baby corn Co(Bc) 1
Parentage (UMI 1200 x UMI 1230) Composite involving UMI 836 and UMI 836-1-2
Duration (days) 110 days 55 – 65 (fresh cobs harvest)
Area of Adoption All maize growing areas All maize growing areas
Rainfed/Irrigated Both Both
Grain yield (kg/ha)
Irrigated 7400 6.7 tonnes of tender cobs & 32.3 tonnes of green fodder / ha
Rainfed 5000 3 tonnes of tender cobs per ha.
Special features High starch (76.30 %), high protein (11.25%) and high beta- carotein (0.48 mg/100g) with moderate level of fat (4.65 %) and crude fibre (1.25%). High shelling (81%) with high test weight (400 g /1000 seeds). Multiple disease resistance to Sorghum downy mildew, Maydisleaf blight, Turcicum leaf blight, Post flowering stock rot and Banded leaf and sheath blight. Moderately resistant to stem borer. Hybrid seed production is much easier since male and female parents can be sown simultaneously for flowering synchronization. 2 to 3 cobs / plant, possessing delightful sweet taste and flavour Suitable for inland and export market Green fodder has good forage value.
Stem colour Green Greenish pink
Leaf: Anthocyanin colouration of sheath Present Nil
Ear: Anthocyanin colouration of silk Present Present
Cob size Big Small
Ear: Husk coverage Full Full
Colour of top of Grains Orange Yellow Yellow
Type of kernels Semi dent Dent

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