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Season and Varieties :: Sugarbeet


Climate and season       

Tropical sugarbeet require good sunshine during its growth period. The crop does not prefer high rainfall as high soil moisture or continuous heavy rain may affect development of tuber and sugar synthesis. Tropical sugarbeet can be sown in September– November coincide with North East monsoon with a rainfall of 300 – 350 mm well distributed across the growing period which favours vegetative growth and base for root enlargement. The optimum temperature for germination is 20 – 250C, for growth and development 30 - 350C and for sugar accumulation in 25– 350C.


Tropical sugarbeet is sown in September to November and harvested during March and  May.

Hybrids and duration

The tropical sugarbeet hybrids suitable for cultivation in Tamil Nadu are Cauvery,  Indus and Shubhra.  The duration of these tropical hybrids will be 5 to 6 months depending on  climatic conditions prevailing during crop growth period. 


Updated on : 24.06.2013


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