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Soil Testing and Technology Advisory Centre (SOTAC)

This centre is in operation in the Department of Soil Science and Agricultural Chemistry, Centre for Soil and Crop Management Studies, TNAU, Coimbatore.


  1. Soil Testing
  2. Prescription of Soil Test based fertilizer recommendation for various crops
  3. Problem soil identification viz., soil salinity, sodicity and acidity.
  4. Assessment of quality of irrigation water.
  5. Technology advisory for soil and crop management.


  1. Ensures balanced fertilization to crops.
  2. Maintenance of soil fertility.
  3. Avoids indiscriminate use of fertilizer and ensures environment safety
  4. High returns per rupee invested.

            Analytical Charges for the Analysis of Soil sample and consultancy for Farmers in Soil Testing & Technology Advisory Centre (SOTAC).

Analysis                 Charges
1. pH, EC, NPK and Recommendation Rs.100/-
2. pH, EC, NPK, micronutrients and Recommendation Rs.250/ sample
3. Field visit – consultancy for solving problems at field level Actual expenditure + 20 % extra



For Further Details Contact

Soil Testing & Technology Advisory Centre
Department of Soil Science & Agrl. Chemistry
Centre for Soil & Crop Management Studies
Tamil Nadu Agricultural University
Coimbatore – 641 033
Phone: 0422-2456811