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Function                   : To break hardpan of the soil, loosening of the soil and to aerate the soil.


I.Power requirement, hp   Tractor, 45 and above
II.No. of tyne   1
III. Weight, kg   90 to 120
IV. Coverage, ha per day   1.4 ha / day at a spacing of 1 m between row
Cost of the unit (approx.)   Rs. 12000/-
Salient features
  • Reduces the effect of compaction and soil erosion.
  • Prevents formation of surface crusts, which helps water to infiltrate the soil..
  • Subsoil plough is suitable for deep tillage up to a depth of 75 cm. .
  • Helps the water to seep into the soil thus improving drainage.

UpDated on Apr 2023

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